“Nope…No virus in here!”

PC playing up?

On-line security concerns?

Internet or Networking problems?

Need some advice on hardware or software?

Looking for free or open-source applications?

Perhaps you just need to be shown the ropes?

Merely a bit of computer confidence building…


…whatever your IT requirements are, we can help with our remote or onsite support and training.


Furthermore, we understand that your time is valuable. Your computer, network and peripherals need to work properly.

It all needs to work right now!

This is exactly why NetGeek exists…to provide the PC and Network Support that you require in order to continue surfing, playing or working as you wish.

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No job is too small!


I was attacked by a Trojan virus, which Netgeek quickly eliminated. Unfortunately it damaged my system in ways that did not become apparent until a while later. Netgeek dealt with these as well, and was able to do so remotely, which cut out an unnecessary visit. Moreover, he insisted that the repairs were covered by my original fee, so no extra charges were incurred. I can thoroughly recommend his services.

John SilvesterFlitwick